Upcoming Events

Purse-onality Ladies & Girls Banquet
May 10th, 2018
@ 6pm
Please see Karen Irving for details.
Call the church office if you are planning to attend.



Hey parents,
          If your interested, google ‘Axis’ . It’s a website dedicated to helping parents raise godly teenagers.

Parenting Teens Summit

What it is: This coming Monday, September 11, Axis is launching our very own Parenting Teens Summit as we bring together an incredible line-up of Christian speakers to equip you to disciple your teens into lifelong faith.

Why it’s hopeful: All of us need wisdom when it comes to this whole parenting thing, especially in the digital age. Join experts like Dr. Paul Tripp, Jessie Minassian, Steve Arterburn, and Dr. James Dobson for this incredible, 3-week online conference that will equip you to start conversations with your kids about faith, technology, media, and sexuality. Get your FREE PASS TODAY!

Join us for our next parent webinar, “What is Love? Parenting in Murky Waters”: Webinar Registration.

Also for schools: “Relationships: The Real Lost Art” School Webinar Registration.


Prayerful Heart and a Giving Hand

Dear Church,
I continue to be amazed at the ongoing event we call Harvey.  The Lord is doing some amazing things. As you know, our Governor has called for a day of prayer and fasting this Sunday.  I hope you will join me and millions of others for this special day. The call for help continues.  We have been asked to come back and help at the Trinity Church.
I think of the story of The Good Samaritan who Luke says “when he saw the man (who had been robbed) he took pity on him and went to him…and took care of him.”  Let’s be good samaritans and not like the Priest and Levine who passed him by. We could start by bringing an offering Sunday to help with the relief effort in our area. I hope to see you Sunday with a prayerful heart and a giving hand. 
-Bro. Bruce


Cleaning Up After Harvey

This morning at 6:30, 6 folks from our church and one from Oakville met and headed out to Trinity Baptist church in Aransas Pass.  Our task was to remove debris from the fellowship hall caused by Harvey, remove wet Sheetrock and insulation and clean the floor so the church will have a place to worship until they can rebuild. We had a great time. Everyone worked hard and we got it all done with help from some members of Trinity. We all just kept thinking this could have been our church but for the kindness of the Lord. We were glad to be able to help our brothers/sisters in Christ.   -Bro Bruce

Showing how high the water got.